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August 6, 2012

The DIY Romper

Tuck a top into a pair of shorts of the same fabric and you have your DIY romper, no sewing required.  None of the waist and crotch problems you typically get with rompers off the rack, and, you get to go to the bathroom the same way you usually do.  This trend, forgive the term, of matching tops and bottoms makes dressing up easier, eliminating the trouble of coordinating.

Illesteva sunglasses, American Apparel seersucker shirt, American Apparel seersucker shorts, White Mountaineering sneakers

Seersucker is a nice and breezy classic Southern textile, but a variety of other fabrics will work as well: a short-sleeved black linen shirt with wide black linen shorts, a heather gray sweatshirt with matching cutoff sweatpants, maybe custom-make a shirt and shorts in your own digitally-printed monogram---there's a wealth of possibilities you can romp in.

Casio watch on a Native American sterling silver, turquoise, and coral watch band, and a level ring from LA's Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA)

mountain-print sneakers by White Mountaineering

photographs by Sean Santiago

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  • Patrick Wilson
    August 6th, 2012 at 12:55 pm


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