January 28, 2013

Tillmann Lauterbach x AnOther

AnOther Magazine teamed up with designer Tillmann Lauterbach on a titillating new partnership.  It’s a competition, which will run for two weeks from now; readers will have the opportunity to win a new menswear SS13 wardrobe selected by top AnOther Mag editors by entering their email addresses on the competition page.  The winner will be selected at random.  Check out the competition here, and in the meantime, enjoy these Tillmann Lauterbach backstage images shot exclusively by AnOther.

Tillmann Lauterbach Spring 2013 sketches

monkey Noma

Paul Boche


photographs c/o AnOther Magazine

January 22, 2013


Discounting one’s politics on the matter, there are many merits to the material: real fur is extremely warm, water-resistant on days that are both cold and wet, and its tactility is unsurpassed by the faux versions.  I’ve long lauded men who use fur as coat enhancements; it lends such a kingly air to a look, and is always a piece of conversation.  There was a large fur stole worn over the shoulder of a coat at Damir Doma Fall 2012, and thought I needed something similar when I tried the piece on at Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong.  My vintage mink stole from the 1960′s, a fruit of sensible eBaying, is my take on fur as a coat enhancement.

vintage mink fur stole from the 1960′s, Henrik Vibskov coat, Damir Doma jacket, BDG t-shirt, Damir Doma trousers, Kenzo x Vans sneakers

I still can’t get myself to wear full-on fur, but somehow wearing a stole over a wool coat makes it feel more like an oversize collar than a Sasquatch suit.  I think it works just as well with a shorter wool jacket as it does with a long coat.

Balenciaga sunglasses, Damir Doma batwing kimono jacket, BDG t-shirt, Damir Doma trousers

The multiple tiers make such a luxe statement when viewed from the side—I know, I’m always checking myself out while walking past store windows. Leopard pony hair gloves by Echo.

Kenzo x Vans sneakers for Opening Ceremony

The lace lining reveals a glimmer of Old Hollywood.

photographs by Michael Schaeffer

January 16, 2013

Do It Ourselves

I’ve pooled together two of my favorite men’s fashion bloggers for a collaborative project aimed at shining light on new, creative talent in the menswear blogosphere.  It’s a little DIY orgy, if you may: one blogger creates a DIY piece for another, and receives a piece from another blogger in the circle to wear and style.  We’re calling on you baby bloggers, and veterans in the game, anyone with an online presence and hands that create beautiful things, tweet or Instagram us (@thedandyproject, @HOLY_SPICE, @pullteeth) a DIY project that best describes your style and the reason why you should be part of this collaboration.  Mechanics are listed below.

DO IT OURSELVES: The Holy Teeth Project

1. Contestants may apply by tweeting and/or Instagramming to all three of us (@thedandyproject, @HOLY_SPICE, @pullteeth) a link to or a picture of a DIY project that best describes their style and skills AND one reason why they should be part of this collaboration. All contestants must have an existing blog online. Submission period is January 16th-29th, 2013.
2. The three judges deliberate and decide which blogger(s) get to be part of the collaboration, and who they DIY for/who DIY’s their piece.
3. Each winning contestant shall create a DIY men’s fashion item according to the brief, and ship it to the blogger he is assigned to.
4. Each winning contestant will receive a DIY men’s fashion item from a blogger assigned to him, and shall photograph himself in an outfit post featuring the DIY piece he received. Dialogue and collaboration between creator and recipient is highly encouraged!
5. When all the pieces have been created and photographed, the three judges will set a time when all posts will be synchronized to go live. Each winning contestant’s post must feature: (1) the DIY process of the item he created (2) a photograph of the item styled on the blogger who received the item he created (3) a graphic featuring all DIYed outfits of all bloggers involved (4) links to all blogs involved.
6. This is a non-compensated, not-for-profit project. Creative collaboration is encouraged, and the discovery and support of new talent is the goal.

Looking forward to seeing your entries!  Feel free to e-mail info (at) thedandyproject (dot) com for any questions.

January 13, 2013

Ziggy Chen

Shanghainese designer Ziggy Chen so succinctly embodies the mood I am in right now: dark, loose, and masculine—quite comparable to established greats Yohji Yamamoto and Paul Harnden, but set apart by his work with texture, a keen eye for proportion, and a painstakingly refined Eastern influence.  For Fall 2013, Chen drew inspiration from Shanghai circa 1900-1920: silhouettes inspired by workmen, monks, herders, and soldiers, and textures reminiscent of the finishing on buildings built back then.  Rendered mostly in unassuming black and a few dark neutrals, the result is an expertly mellowed exercise of a timeless Asian aesthetic.

This look took my breath away. The most perfect long black fall coat with a subtly dramatic pleated back, the almost dress-like tunic shirt, and the strong, square pants are all both striking and unassuming.

The texture on this Ziggy Chen coat is reminiscent of old concrete.

The raw, frayed hem brings a feeling of lightness to this heavy wool funnel-neck coat.

two expertly layered Ziggy Chen looks: one in browns, and one all in black

Though I don’t see myself wearing a double floor-length coat look, the combination of the prints and the silhouette is remarkably regal.

Two layered black looks: one more voluminous and samurai-like, and the other a blazer over a long sheer top—a vaguely South Asian look that I’ve always loved to wear.

Ziggy Chen is represented by Stealthprojekt Showroom in Paris.

photographs via Stealthprojekt

January 7, 2013

Lip Tint

I wear lip tint.  When done subtly, it’s a great way of looking more healthy and vital, as if I work out regularly and eat right all the time.  It does wonders at balancing out colors in an outfit: I like having my lips look ever so slightly more vivid as a pop of color in an all-black look, or to avoid looking washed out in the rare occasion I wear color.  Our resident moustachioed model, menswear designer Mike Shaeffer, returns for another series of my DIY men’s beauty tutorials.

Bare, unconditioned lips can tend to look dead, especially when wind-burned in the winter.

I like to use Benefit’s Benetint for color, and Kiehl’s lip balm #1 for conditioning. Fun fact: Benetint was created for an exotic dancer in the 70′s, allegedly, to make her nipples look rosier. A subtly tinted lip balm could work just as well. Screw the rules of matching warm skin tones with cool colors, and vice-versa. Try on what you see, and if it feels good, then wear it.

I layer the lip tint several times in the inner portion of the lower lip, then I dab it on the inner portion of the upper lip. The idea is to look like you’ve been sucking on a berry, and not like a boy who’d become great at evenly applying his mother’s lipstick all over his lips.

Apply a light amount of clear lip balm all over, to condition, and always blot on a tissue.

Lips, alive and tinted.

Would you rock tinted lips?


December 27, 2012

Borgy Manotoc

I found a kindred spirit in Borgy Manotoc: poster prince of the Philippines and grandson of the ever-iconic Imelda Marcos.  Just like me, Borgy picks out fabrics and has his tailor turn them into shirts, he dyes his clothes, and even designs his own signet rings.  His style is effortlessly eclectic, and he brings this sense of ease in the many projects he is involved in: modelling, design, social media consulting, and management of the franchise of Dr. Martens in Manila.  He is an invaluable force in the growing Manila creative scene.  Borgy was both arrestingly handsome and impossibly talkative; shooting him was a riot.

Borgy Manotoc in a shirt of his own design, gray cutoff shorts, and brown suede Vans chukkas

Borgy picked out this print at the textile market in Kamuning and had his tailor fashion it into a short-sleeve shirt with kangaroo pockets.

signet rings in silver and horn, both of his own design

I always like the air of casual-cool that a pair of Vans brings to an outfit. These chukkas in brown suede are a pair to consider.

Borgy Manotoc in a Prada suit, Comme des Garcons shirt, and YSL shoes

“like a boy bored at prom”

These YSL shoes in 100% molded rubber are deceptively clever.

Borgy Manotoc in a vintage suede shirt, Greyhound pants, Dr. Martens boots, and an Hermes Herbag—a present from his mother Imee Marcos. 1. I’ve never seen this bag in this beautiful mauve-prune, 2. I’ve never seen this dud of an Hermes bag worn so well, 3. I might have found my first Hermes.

Borgy’s striking look has been catnip for photographers for many years—he may look Native American, Eurasian even, but he is Filipino through and through.

perforated suede shirt with Borgy’s favorite necklaces: a scapular and a vintage turquoise

pants in olive drab with pointy-toed Dr. Martens Chelsea boots

Borgy in a Jil Sander cardigan, an American Apparel women’s plaid chiffon shirt, white Levi’s jeans he destroyed and dyed yellow, and Dr. Martens shoes


December 27, 2012


Netpage is an iPhone app which allows users to clip any page of a magazine, purchase featured items, and even play easter-egg videos by simply holding camera phone over magazine.  I’m highly skeptical of any new fashion app, but because Hearst is putting its money on it, I thought I’d give it a try.

Esquire on the Netpage interface

Esquire has partnered with Made Collection to curate the “Great American Things Collection,” and these products featured in the magazine are easily shoppable on Netpage.  Here are my favorites:

the perfect, most unassuming pair of burnished brown oxford shoes by Allen Edmonds

a handsome khaki overcoat by Southwick

They even sell Rappahannock River Oysters, grown out of Topping, Virginia.


Clipping pages sure is fun, and it’s amazing how the app manages to generate high-resolution versions of the clipping while you casually hold the camera over any page, without having to read a barcode.  I do wish they soon include Instagram on their share platforms, as I spend a large percentage of my social media life on there nowadays.  I wonder if this act of holding a camera over a magazine is going to stick, but the wonderful part of this old media/new media saga is watching it rapidly and creatively evolve over time.

Photos via Netpage.  Download Netpage here.

December 19, 2012

Brandon Seah

Brandon Seah is a fashion buyer in-training in New York City by way of Singapore, a substantial patron of Rei Kawakubo and her disciples, and a favorite subject of The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman.  I’ve learned to appreciate the merits of wearing well-loved sneakers to balance a heavy, rich Fashion outfit since I met him two years ago.  Unlike many of the men I’ve profiled on this site, his style reads more doofus than debonair—humor plays a huge part in the way he dresses.  Brandon Seah wears clothes for the joy and artistry of each piece, and it is the peace and the grace with which he puts himself together that I admire most.

Brandon Seah in a Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto jacket, Comme des Garcons shirt and trousers, Vans sneakers, and I-D Tokyo glasses

buttons large (Comme des Garcons) and hidden (Yohji Yamamoto)

wide pinstripe trousers and Brandon, your favorite Vans sneakers are falling apart.

Miharayasuhiro jacquard coat, Hermes bag, Calvin Klein trousers, Vans sneakers

The forest print on this Miharayasuhiro piece looks like a picture projected on to a mundane gray striped coat.

boy with a Birkin

Brandon’s Hermes Birkin 35 in vert anis comes adorned with a rosary, a hippopotamus, and googly eyes on the clochette.

detail on the Tess Giberson sweater worn inside

Comme des Garcons jacket, shirt, and shoes, Tsumori Chisato trousers, Uniqlo leggings

If there’s one piece I could inherit from his wardrobe, it will have to be this fringed Comme des Garcons Homme Plus long jacket. It is dark and dandy incarnate.

Comme des Garcons sandal-shoes

December 17, 2012

Agi and Sam

scenes from the Agi and Sam x District MTV film, featuring Agi and Sam Spring 2013

London design duo Agi and Sam just made a little film in collaboration with District MTV and I think you should watch it.  It’s short and delightfully absurd, with the storyline loosely based around the pair’s experiences of visiting their grandma’s house and being forced to watch detective TV series’.  The film beautifully showcases the delicious prints of Agi and Sam Spring 2013.

photos and video via District MTV

December 6, 2012

So Many Adventures

I styled an editorial in the current issue of I.T Post magazine, shot by Alex Kirzhner.  I was inspired by the many odd pairings of people in my life, and I wanted the spread to look like self-shot wedding photos of the most eccentric couple.  We got to play with beautiful clothes from Rag & Bone, Thom Browne, Adam Kimmel, and Robert Geller.  This was my first time styling womenswear for print, and though I wouldn’t say it’s any more or less difficult than menswear, it certainly is very different.

“So Many Adventures Couldn’t Happen Today” shot by Alex Kirzhner, styled by Izzy Tuason, for I.T Post

sunglasses by Robert Geller, mock turtleneck and knit blouson by Adam Kimmel

on her: jacket and skirt by Thom Browne, shoes by Rag & Bone; on him: sunglasses by Robert Geller, sweater, jacket, and pants by Adam Kimmel

on her: hat by Robert Geller, turtleneck, dress, pants, and shoes by Rag & Bone

all clothing by Rag & Bone

headpiece and dress by Thom Browne

hat, hooded sweater, and shirt by Robert Geller, sweater (on shoulders) by Rag & Bone


on him: hat and hooded sweater by Robert Geller, coat by Rag & Bone; on her: hat by Robert Geller, dress and gloves by Rag & Bone, fur stole, stylist’s own

 photography: Alex Kirzhner

styling: Izzy Tuason

models: Justin Passmore (RED) and Amira Ahmed (NEW YORK)

assistants: Marnee Litton and Emily Lopez

I.T Post is available at Page One